12 Ways to Ensure You Hire the Right Contractor

If you are seeking for a contractor for your home next project, always keep few details in your mind like your timeline, your budget and the main point is to ensure you hire the right contractor for your home project. Finding the right contractor is not an easy job you have to do your research. Below are important ways to ensure you hire the right contractor.

  1. Beware of Bad Contractors

Beware of bad contractors and always choose a contractor wisely. Hiring a bad contractor may increase your costs and the quality of the work is also not good as compared to professional contractors.

  • Seek Referrals

Ask your friends and family for their references, you can also ask from the building inspector for their recommendations. Referrals save your time and also ensures that you have hired the right contractor for your project.

  • Check Credentials

Call local business bureau and find out about the contractors how long they are working in this industry. You can research all this information online, always check credentials before you hire a contractor.

  • Check Portfolio

Ask your contractor to show you his portfolio, it will help you to make sure that you are hiring a good contractor and he has the ability to complete your work according to your imaginations.

  • Check Insurance Information

Contractors should carry compensation of worker’s personal liability and property damage insurance. Ask for the documentation and also check the expiry date of insurance.

  • Don’t Forget Subcontractors

General contractors also hire some subcontractors; you have to make sure subcontractors have valid insurance too.

  • Take All Estimates in Written Form

Get bids from many reputable contractors. Take their prices in written form so you can choose the lowest bidder for your project.

  • Understand Timing

Ask your contractor about timing how soon he can start working for your project. If a contractor can start in a few days, it’s a sign of a good contractor.

  • Seal Your Deals in Written Form

Make sure to pick a start and end dates, materials, project scope, payments schedule, and all important information is specified in your contract in written form.

  1.  Understand the Work Contract

Don’t assume anything on your own. If you have any confusion about the contract, you can take the services of an attorney to make all things clear about the contract.

  1. Pay Low Upfront

Most contractors ask you to pay 25%-35% upfront before they start working. Never pay high upfront always pay low upfront. Pay the final installment after the project is completed.

  1. Don’t Pay in Cash

Always use your credit card or check, and keep all receipts. This will help you to pay safely and use the payment proof if needed in any situation.

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